Research, data, and insights on Black Male Achievement

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Advocacy Funder Collaboratives

For many foundations, collaboration is key to advocating for policy change. But these partnerships can be challenging to execute well. “Sticking points,” like conflicts over decision-making power or competition for resources, can derail advocacy-focused efforts and make even the most earnest collaborator wary.

Foundation Center, in partnership with the Atlas Learning Project, launched a suite of resources about advocacy funder collaboratives. Built from the wisdom of grantmakers with deep experience, the GrantCraft content and IssueLab special collection examine what makes an effective collaborative and ways to overcome sticking points to maximize the potential for success.


Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers

Learn how having a Black teacher decreases Black male dropout rate

national black male retreat

Retreat Is Opportunity to Tune In to Black Males

Read insights from the young Black males at the National Black Male Retreat

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11-Year-Old Promotes Books for Black Boys

Check out this book club that promotes books with relatable Black characters


NYS Education Dept Awards $6M in MBK Grants

Find out how & where $6M will increase college & career readiness in BYMOC


Mass Incarceration & Racial Achievement Gap

Read findings on impact of unjustified incarceration of African Americans


Google Pledges $11.5M to Fight Racial Bias

Learn about how Google will combat racial disparities in the justice system


Weingart Foundation Fully Commits to Equity

Read Weingart’s commitment to equity & philanthropy’s battle against inequity


CBMA & Skillman’s Innovation Challenge

Learn about six programs awarded $50K each to empower Detroit YMOC