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IssueLab’s Multi-party Advocacy Special Collection

For many foundations, collaboration is key to advocating for policy and practice change. But these kinds of partnerships can be challenging to execute well. “Sticking points”, like conflicts over decision-making power or competition for resources, can derail advocacy-focused efforts and make even the most earnest collaborator wary.

IssueLab’s new special collection on Multi-party Advocacy brings together 40+ reports and reflection pieces about multi-party advocacy efforts; providing valuable perspective on both the sticking points and how we might move through them. The collection was created as a complement to forthcoming resources on the same topic from IssueLab’s sister site, GrantCraft.


CBMA Community Leadership Fellowship

Nominate a fellow for this leadership development in Black male achievement


RISE Ideation Challenge

Submit your forward-thinking & unconventional solutions to systems that often shortchange BYMOC

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Foundations & Social Justice

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Grantmaking Habits That Prevent Equity

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