Research, data, and insights on Black Male Achievement

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Executives’ Alliance 2016 Impact Report

The Executives’ Alliance for Boys and Men of Color is a network of national, regional, and community foundations working together to redefine opportunity for boys and men of color, their families, and their communities.

See their 2016 Impact Report, which “does not claim results on population-level indicators, but instead tells the story of what our foundations are doing to get there and how they are doing it,” writes executive director Damon T. Hewitt.

“Using key metrics and stakeholder interviews, we profile some notable collaborations and identify the lessons our network and the BMOC field can take into 2017 and beyond.”

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2017 CHANGE Philanthropy Unity Summit

Attend a summit about how philanthropy can resist, protect, and empower


New York State Adopts MBK

See how NY has embraced My Brother’s Keeper Milestones

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Black Men Inspiring Hope

Black Men Inspiring Hope

Read about the lasting impact Black male teachers can have

Black Male Media Project

Black Male Media Project

Learn about an initiative promoting new narratives and newsroom diversity


Culturally Responsive Evaluations for BMOC

Find out how and why we need authentic feedback on what works for BMOC


Addressing Trauma Among GBQ Boys of Color

Learn about the disproportionate mental health challenges facing this group


Too Many Black Males Lost to Violence

Read what still needs to be done for young Black people to live to their fullest


BMe Community Celebrates Unsung Black Heroes

Learn about Shorters efforts to change the narrative of Black men through BMe