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IssueLab’s Race and Policing Special Collection

IssueLab’s new special collection on Race and Policing includes research from nonprofits, foundations, and university-based research centers across the U.S., who are taking a closer look at evidence about racial bias in stop-and-frisk policies, traffic stops, and the use of force, as well as at data about differing perceptions of policing.

Again and again the data show that people of color in the U.S. are disproportionately, and systematically, stopped, frisked, arrested, and exposed to the use of force by police. Police departments and communities across the U.S. are struggling with these realities and with what has become a glaring divide in how Americans experience and relate to policing.


$9M for NYS My Brother’s Keeper Initiatives

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Documenting Racial Disparities in Police Force

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Police Shootings Put Foundations to the Test

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Mentoring Young Black Men in Charlottesville

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