ABFE Conference 2019


“HARAMBEE- LET’S ALL PULL TOGETHER is a Kenyan tradition of community self-help, fundraising and or development. Its’ literal translation in Swahili is “all pull together”. From its inception, ABFE has served to be a vehicle for leveraging resources for the betterment of Black communities.”

On April 4 – 6th in Detroit, Michigan, ABFE will be hosting its 2019 conference “HARAMBEE- LET’S ALL PULL TOGETHER”.

“ABFE will present its members, stakeholders and partners a vigorous agenda—aimed at increasing public and private investments in Black communities…. ABFE’s 2019 Conference will feature signature events and member favorite—the 28th Annual James A. Joseph Lecture & Awards Program, which honors those who are leading philanthropy and at the forefront of cutting-edge philanthropic strategies that support Black communities.”

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