Executives’ Alliance to Expand Opportunities for Boys and Men of Color

The Executives’ Alliance is a national philanthropic alliance that will “evaluate promising approaches, advocate for effective public policy and systems change, and invest in young men as assets for America’s future.”



On April 7, 2013, Dr. Robert Ross, Alberto Ibargüen, Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, Dr. Emmett Carson, and Ken Zimmerman convened 50 philanthropic executives and senior staff persons from 26 foundations that have committed to improving life outcomes for boys and men of color. The main outcome was an agreement by the foundation presidents to form a philanthropic alliance that will strengthen the sector’s investments in greater opportunities and wellness for Black males and other males of color. Following this meeting, the participating foundations issued a joint public statement articulating their institutional commitment to this alliance.

Executives’ Alliance

As an immediate next step, the Open Society Foundations, The California Endowment, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Casey Family Programs invested in a nimble infrastructure for executives committed to expanding opportunities for boys and men of color. Since the official launch of the Alliance on October 1, additional foundations continue to join the 26 signatory members. Visit this page for the latest announcements.

Initial Goals of the Alliance

  1. Increase philanthropic investments in boys and men of color.
  2. Elevate the public voice of foundation executives as field leaders committed to improving life outcomes for boys and men of color.
  3. Develop strategic collaborations and opportunities for coordination among philanthropic institutions.
  4. Increase public will and policy attention to boys and men of color.

Values and Commitments

  • LEVERAGE: Working within and beyond the philanthropic sector, the Alliance seeks to leverage impact, resources, and leadership to improve life outcomes for boys and men of color.
  • INCLUSION & FOCUS: The Alliance’s focus is on positive outcomes for all boys and men of color, including African American, Asian/Pacific Islander (API), Middle Eastern, Latino, and Native American males. The Alliance recognizes the similarities and differences between these populations and the fields of practice that support them. Thus the Alliance is committed to the broad field of boys and men of color, advancing opportunities for Latino, API, and Native American males as well as strengthening efforts specific to Black male achievement.
  • COORDINATION: One of the core purposes of the Alliance is to be an apparatus through which philanthropic foundations can coordinate investments, influence, and information to improve the life outcomes of boys and men of color.

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For more information and to join the Alliance, email Dannese Mapanda, Director of Finance and Operations, at admin@funders4bmoc.org.

Read the joint public statement issued by participating foundations, articulating their institutional commitment to an alliance to improve life outcomes for boys and men of color.