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Thank You Rashid Shabazz

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) announced that its Vice President of Communications, Rashid Shabazz, will be moving on from his role at CBMA, effective Friday, October 6, 2017.

“Rashid’s love and leadership laid the foundation for CBMA to shift the atmosphere and narrative in elevating Black men and boys as assets to our society — not only in the field of philanthropy, but across the nation,” wrote CBMA CEO Shawn Dove.

Rashid will serve as the inaugural Chief Marketing and Storytelling Officer for Color of Change.

Here at Foundation Center, we have been blessed to partner with Rashid over the past five years to develop BMAfunders and publish a series of reports on the field of Black male achievement. We wish him all the best in his new role!

MBK Alliance to Merge with Obama Foundation

Read here about former President Barack Obama’s key signature program for at-risk young men of color — spun off from his White House in 2015 as a nonprofit group, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance — will merge with his Obama Foundation.

Low-Profile Funder Focused on Race & Violence

Read this Insider Philanthropy article about the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, a less familiar name in philanthropy and keeps a low profile, but has a keen interest in addressing community violence and advancing racial equity more broadly. They recently invested $5 million in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, to support work with young black men touched by community violence.

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Philanthropy Must Use Its Voice and Resources

Emmett D. Carson, CEO and President of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, writes:

“Philanthropy must use its voice and financial resources to engage in research, advocacy, and lobbying (community foundations) to eliminate the systemic racism and other bias that permeates our policing and criminal justice, housing, healthcare, employment, voting rights and education systems, resulting in unfair outcomes.”

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City Leaders Brainstorm How to Reduce Violence

Leaders gathered in downtown Minneapolis on August 23-25, 2017 to discuss how to reduce gun-related violence involving Black and Native American men. The discussion was a part of the annual Cities United gathering.

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Promise of Place: Seattle

Watch the CBMA Promise of Place Webinar: Seattle, WA, highlighting the City of Seattle’s efforts for Black male achievement.

Voices from the field include:

  • Anthony Shoecraft, Special Advisor to the Mayor on Black Male Achievement, City of Seattle
  • Gregory Davis, Manager, Technical Assistance Unit, Casey Family Programs
  • Dr. Brent Jones, Chief Strategy & Partnerships Officer, Seattle Public Schools
  • Stephen Powell, Chief Program Officer, National CARES Mentoring Movement
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Embrace Racial Healing

Read this Philanthropy News Digest blog post from the president and CEO of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, La June Montgomery Tabron.

“Racial healing doesn’t begin until you intentionally, respectfully, and patiently uncover shared truths,” she writes.

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Philanthropic Response to Charlottesville

How are philanthropic institutions reacting to events in Charlottesville, VA? We are tracking the response:

Barr Foundation

The California Endowment

California Wellness Foundation

The Case Foundation

CHANGE Philanthropy

Charlottesville Area Community Foundation
The community foundation created a fund, Heal Charlottesville

Florida Philanthropic Network
Includes tools and resources

Funders for Justice

Funders for LGBTQ Issues

The Heinz Endowments

Lumina Foundation

The McKnight Foundation

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Open Society Foundations

Southern California Grantmakers

Anything to add? Tweet us @BMAfunders.

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Black Men XCEL: Changing the Narrative

Attend the Black Men XCEL Summit: Celebrating the Best of Who We Are, from August 30-September 3 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The goal of the conference is to honor black men, as part of the larger aim to “challenge and change the narrative of black men, from one of dysfunction and defeat, to a more accurate representation of leadership, excellence, and triumph, often in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.” The event will include an awards ceremony “designed to be the ultimate recognition of the brilliance and outstanding contributions of black men across industries ranging from business and entertainment to sports and social activism.” The Campaign for Black Male Achievement’s Shawn Dove will be presented as the first ever “BE Modern Man of the Year,” and Representative John Lewis, a civil rights icon, will be honored.

Prevent Foundations from Deepening Racism

Read Trabian Shorters’  analysis of the warped mentality many progressive foundations have when considering their work in black communities. Shorters argues that the combative War on Poverty narrative that “casts black children in the role of threat” and turns the “urban schools, homes, and cities in which they dwell” into battlefields helps cement racism, rather than fight it. He urges philanthropists to craft a new narrative by highlighting positive statistics and discussing the successes of black Americans in areas such as parenting, patriotism, enterprise, and generosity. He includes other tips for nonprofit leaders, including depositing money in black owned banks and working with consulting firms that have people of color in their senior leadership.

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