Journey to Radiance


The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) produced the Journey to Radiance: Health and Healing Strategies Impact Report, initiating a 2020 education campaign to ignite active engagement in self-care and share strategies to create healthier environments. CBMA is encouraging educators, school district personnel, parents and guardians, youth practitioners, and community members to share the report within their organizations and communities.

The report highlights the origins of CBMA’s focus on health and wellness, which began with support by The California Endowment. The report shares CBMA’s vision for what healing our communities can look like as well as challenges and opportunities they encountered along the way. It uplifts recommended health and healing strategies, based on experience from the field, and elevates key findings and recommendations to help individuals begin their own journey to health. Throughout the report are excerpts from innovative community leaders, participants, and evaluators.