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Mental Health and Black Communities

Listen to this Radio Times episode about mental health and Black communities.


African Americans are more likely to report mental health issues but are less likely to seek treatment. Racism, stigmatization, access, distrust of medical institutions, and cultural differences are some of the barriers that prevent African Americans from getting help when they are struggling with mental illness. Our guests are Philadelphia psychiatrists DELANE CASIANO and KARRIEM SALAAM, who are co-authors of the book, Mind Matters: A Resource Guide to Psychiatry for Black Communities and HOWARD STEVENSON, professor of Urban Education, and Africana Studies, and former Chair of the Applied Psychology and Human Development Division in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Podcast Black Boys & Men: Changing the Narrative

Listen to this podcast series bring together thought leaders from the public and private sectors to analyze stereotypes and dispel myths concerning Black boys and men, while providing facts and best practices for those working with these often marginalized populations.

Trailblazers 46: MBK Alliance’s Marisa Renee Lee

Listen to Marisa Renee Lee, the managing director of the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, discuss the barriers to success for Black boys and young men of color in this episode of Trailblazers.

The Trailblazers.FM podcast explores stories of successful black business professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Broderick Johnson Podcast on My Brother’s Keeper

Listen to Broderick Johnson, Cabinet secretary and assistant to President Obama, talk about his My Brother’s Keeper work, find out how safe regulations are from the incoming Trump administration, and whether Johnson believes that folks will rise up to protect the programs they care about.

Shawn Dove, CEO of CBMA, on Podcast

Listen to episode 16 of the Trailblazers Podcast with Shawn Dove, CEO of Campaign for Black Male Achievement. Dove discusses his dream as a young black child, what he’d do if he were the head of our nation’s education system, and more.

The Trailblazers.FM podcast explores stories of successful black business professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Ten Questions

Listen to Tavis Smiley’s radio broadcast, where he talks with Kenneth Braswell, executive director of Fathers Incorporated, about the Obama White House’s new initiative for young men of color, “My Brother’s Keeper.”

MLK Jr Day & Philanthropy

Listen to this Nonprofit Coach podcast, celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and philanthropy. Host Ted Hart speaks with Eagle Academy Foundation’s David C. Banks, Root Cause’s Andrew Wolk, and Open Society Foundations’ Shawn Dove about the role of philanthropy in improving outcomes for black boys. The conversation begins at 13:28.