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African-American Male Students’ Transition From Middle School to High School

In her dissertation, Dr. Anissia Jenkins Scales examines structural, academic, and personal factors affecting the transition of African-American males from middle school to high school. Interview protocols and a 28-item questionnaire were administered to a group of Black male students. View the tool >

Best for: Exploring African-American male high school students’ transition from middle school to high school

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Exploration of African-American Male Community College Students’ Experiences

Dr. Robin Dabney used this semi-structured interview protocol in her dissertation to discover how African-American male community college students were able to overcome obstacles and obtain academic success, regardless of the challenges. View the tool >

Best for: Interview guide for Black male undergraduate students

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Literacy Practices Utilized by Intermediate Grade Teachers

Dr. Cynthia Brooks Wooten used these interview protocols in her dissertation to investigate ways in which teachers enabled Black male students to be successful readers. View the tool >

Best for: Interview guide for literacy educators of African-American males

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