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African-American Male Students’ Transition From Middle School to High School

In her dissertation, Dr. Anissia Jenkins Scales examines structural, academic, and personal factors affecting the transition of African-American males from middle school to high school. Interview protocols and a 28-item questionnaire were administered to a group of Black male students. View the tool >

Best for: Exploring African-American male high school students’ transition from middle school to high school

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California Health Interview Survey

This survey provides population-based, standardized health-related data, including physical and mental health status and health insurance coverage and access to services. View the tool >

Best for: Survey and data about health and health care needs in California, among a variety of population groups

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California Healthy Kids Survey

This nationally recognized tool collects data on student attitudes, behaviors, and experiences related to school and learning, including resiliency, risk behaviors, and protective factors. View the tool >

Best for: Survey of students grades 5 and above on student attitudes, behaviors, and experiences

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Youth Violence—Measuring Violence-Related Attitudes, Behaviors, and Influences Among Youths

This compendium provides a set of tools to assess violence-related beliefs, behaviors, and influences, as well as to evaluate programs to prevent youth violence. Most are intended for use with youths between the ages of 11 and 24 years, but there are some measures for children between 5 and 10 years. View the tool >

Best for: Measuring youth attitudes, behaviors, and influences regarding violence

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Kaiser Family Foundation: African American Men Survey

Kaiser Family Foundation, The Washington Post, and Harvard University conducted a telephone survey looking at how African-American men viewed their lives in the U.S. and their outlook for the future. Their views and experiences were compared with those of African-American women and white men and women. View the tool >

Best for: Comprehensive survey instrument across various issue areas

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School Climate Survey

The Youth Committee of the Building Healthy Communities Initiative in Long Beach developed this survey to assess and identify experiences related to school climate and discipline. The survey is located within the report What Works: Transforming Conditions and Health Outcomes for Boys and Men of Color. View the tool >

Best for: Youth conducting surveys among other youth on school climate and discipline

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Short Grit Scale

The Short Grit Scale was used by Dr. Terrell L. Strayhorn to measure grit–the tendency to pursue long-term, challenging goals with perseverance and passion–among Black male college students. The tool, itself, was designed by Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth and Dr. Patrick D. Quinn. View the tool >

Best for: Quick survey for measuring grit

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